Smithsonian "Evolution Theater" / Northern Light Productions
Animation elements for "Tree of Life" segment of video. Instead of a graphical tree as I depicted in the Storyboard it was decided to use this  photo silhouette. 
Conceptually, I agree with the choice since the photo evokes the astonishing complexity and seeming randomness of Evolutionary Development. However after being responsible for teasing out the miriad strands of connecting branches to create coherent layers that would clearly tell the story of a few select branches of life (animals and mammals) I have become a firm believer in simplicity.

All the layers together

Original photo

A little snip here and there aaand Voila! Simple!

Close up on the mammals (ok, vertebrates) in our tiny little corner of the evolutionary world.

One more challenge was getting a match dissolve to a reasonably photogenic giraffe (harder than it looks).

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