"David draws well, and can nail the style whether I'm requesting character drawings of electronic music DJs or guitar wielding rockers. He also does a great job with light, color and atmosphere in scenes and backgrounds, and finally, he can integrate his drawings with the other interface graphics which our projects require, and get the work done on time."

Bert Snow
Creative Director
Virtual Music Entertainment


Action Men Promo/Animal Planet

See the Quicktime (4.9MB)

Animatic - Macy's/Millennium

AOL Studios

Silver Burdett & Ginn


See New Multimedia

Interactive Screen Design
Pre-production design and interface illustration. While there are certain design decisions that need to be made in any of my pre-production assignments, I have in the examples below been given a larger degree of freedom to exercise my concept and design skills.

Screens for internet content - Captains of Industry

Designs for Inc.jet - Green Ink

Aventis Healthcare

Odysee Museum

UniFirst Touchscreens

The Tech

Prentice Hall

The Tech

The Tech


The Tech

The Tech


Meeting Design and Optical Illustration
Concept, design & execution - some from the era of the optical slide. 

Theme Graphic for IBM Event

Powerpoint Title Designs for Symantec

Section divider for Design Source

Invite & Graphics for Codex

Meeting Graphic for Wang

MicroMarketworld Cover

New Photo Illustration

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