Lifestyle System - "True to Life"

Latest show - as seen in stores. I created the screen graphics after the shoot (so they could be regionalized) in Illustrator or
Photoshop and then "treated" them to fit.
(Run mouse over the image to see original state.)

Well sure, they could have removed the CD rack before the shot, but what fun would that be?
One issue with working on a new product is that not everything is ready to shoot when you are. Since it was impossible to
re-shoot I made do with photos of the real remote that were vaguely similar to the original POV and lighting. The silver button proved the biggest challenge - painting in a portrait of the model in the spoons was fun too, but not the focus of the photo.
Who knew that unfocused elements would be so tough? My least successful fix, but it's part of a match dissolve and goes by fast.
Substitute finger - could you tell?
One that didn't make it into the show (but not because of the technical challenges mentioned.)
S'posed to be a lockdown for a match dissolve to a daytime shot. Acts of God later....
The part I liked best is that the shots I munged together to make this final were from two different types of cameras - film and
digital. That meant that the grain, color, contrast, detail and perspective were all different.