"Session 9" - a feature film directed by Brad Anderson, produced by Scout Productions, distributed by USA Films.

This is a selection of scenes from the roughly 270 frames I produced over a 4 week period. In most cases these are truly production/shooting (not presentation) boards. With the exception of Scene One and a few others my time spent was right around 10 minutes a frame!
I spent two weeks with Brad and the DP Uta Breisewitz blocking out certain scenes on location at the former Danvers State Mental Hospital. Since there wasn't time or budget to board the entire movie we concentrated on the scenes where the Building was a major player.

Brad was very open to the collaborative process and it was certainly enjoyable to be a contributor to the development of some of the scenes.
I would like to thank him for allowing me to show these frames in advance of the movie's opening (Fall 2001.)

Scene One

Scene 10

Scene 18,19

Scene 34

Scene 52

Scene 68

Scene 69

Scene 82

Scene 89

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