Natural Chemistry/Pointed Communications

Natural Chemistry was looking for a spokes-object/mascot to promote their natural enzymatic pool cleaning product. They wanted "Enzo" to be cute 'n cuddly - yet as he was depicted in the initial script he was to be spunky and conform to cartoon physics. Oh, yes, and they wanted him to be animated - CG preferably. Most of the design development was done with that in mind.
Eventually the cost of animation was daunting and what we ended up with was a fuzzy doll. Things change.

Initial sketches

Getting somewhere…

"Make him more 'human'" (huh?)

Final contestants.

Now were talking dolls.

Sure we can change the mouth.

Meet Enzo!

Character sheet for Doll fabricators.

Magazine Ad Illustration.

As seen in Pool & Spa News! (Not at your local newstand.)

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